Leo tarot 2020 march

Work and health is important this month dear Leo!​ The planetary cluster in Capricorn, in your professional life sector, second decan, foreshadows certain behaviors to review, to modify, in square to your sign, it will be necessary to be diplomatic and patient.​ Uranus in Taurus, in.
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In a relationship: Your conjugal life promises to be dynamic, after the 20th, thanks to the Sun in Aries. Saturn in Aquarius, from the 23rd strikes your conjugal life hard and for a long time. Pending modifications, desired or sudden but deep and lasting.

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Take into account the thoughts of your other half especially mid-month. Single: The work sector can promote an encounter or romance, your desire will be enduring.

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  • Venus in Taurus, from the 6th, charges your heart with powerful sensuality but also with excess. You will have to deploy treasures of patience and tenderness if you wish to seduce. A Leo warned is worth two! Not at all! Your mane will come out even more beautiful if you know how to wait, and take advantage of the teaching of Saturn, sometimes austere, always didactic. Nothing is in vain, never.

    Leo Horoscope 2020

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    I accept. Rising sign calculator. Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Chinese Elements. Astro Mindset. It is not an easy lesson to learn, however, it is an empowering one. It is a time of testing.

    Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

    You most likely will not see a promotion or advance in career in but this time of build a solid foundation will pay off remarkably by mid Prevail and you will win big with almost a radical revolutionary change next year. Crumble and your career will take a hit. Late in the year you will probably attract, both personally and professionally, those that will be in your life to help you with long-term goals.

    You have conflicting needs in Your natural need to splurge and over-extend is restrained with a sense of responsibility. Your long-term future depends upon it.

    You will see a focus on house, home, land, your roots, extended family this year. If you do splurge this year, a good place to do it would be on renovation or decoration of your home. This year is also a time to invest for your long term future. Past mishandling of money will emerge and have to be dealt with this year.

    Leo Horoscope Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

    Your health could be tested this year but drawing you into a forced regime of discipline in your exercise routine at home. During a testing time you need all the energy, stamina, and wellness you can draw upon. A level of maturity will result and bring you much reward. You will need this optimal health until mid when things ease in all areas of your life.

    Horoscopes 2020

    For Leos, the stars and the chances seem to keep smiling. The warning, however, is real for the Leos because they tend to exaggerate with the gambling games. In , those born under the Leo sign will have the chance to meet someone with whom they can start a new relationship, and those who are already in a relationship may become parents.

    The single Leos will be closer to their hearts, choosing with their soul this year. The Leo men can get ambitious to find the ideal lover.

    2020 Reports

    The single ones can be open to flirt, becoming charming, and they can meet someone with whom they can start a new relationship. It is possible that the meeting will take place due to common activities, hobbies, even at a party, or when having fun. The period between June and October will be the most favorable for the professional development of Leos.